Influencer by day and a shameless tease by night.

I’m living a double life.

During the day, I help women gain their confidence and look their best.

On the weekends, I encourage women to embrace their sexuality on the darker side of the web. 

After all, sex is beauty.

When my older brother’s best friend appears at my family’s cabin the night I’m filming an episode, I’m surprised to see him. It’s been six years since Reed vanished from my life.

After learning where he’s been and why, I offer him an opportunity to start over. Reed is reluctant. He’s on probation, loyal to my brother, and doesn’t want to do anything to jeopardize his freedom. 

So we agree that his identity will remain a secret and that my brother will never find out

You May Be Wondering….

commonly asked questions

Tell Me What You Want is a true standalone roughly 300 pages long.

October 3!

Yes. It should be available close to release day.

The following formats are expected to be available on or close to release day:

Paperback, ebook, audiobook, hardcover.