Hi, I’m Lucia!

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Lucia Franco resides in sunny South Florida. She was a competitive athlete for over ten years – a gymnast and cheerleader – which heavily inspired the Off Balance series.

Her novel Hush, Hush was a finalist in the 2019 Stiletto Contest hosted by Contemporary Romance Writers, a chapter of Romance Writers of America. Her novels are being translated into several languages.

When Lucia isn’t writing, you can find her relaxing with her toes in the sand at a nearby beach with her husband and two boys. She runs on caffeine and scorching hot sunshine.

For inquiries, Lucia is represented by Two Daisy Media Literary Agency. Please email Savannah at info@twodaisy.com

Forbidden Romance is my favorite trope to read and write. Every one of my books has an age gap. I love dramatic and chaotic, messy love stories. The ones that hurt the heart and make it ache for weeks and days. A soul searing once-in-a-lifetime love that could also be considerd a toxic romance. The kind where groveling and redemption are absolutely required for there to be a happy ending.

A writing playlist and pinterest board is a must. I love country music, but I won’t listen to it when I’m writing a book. I stick to R&B and Hip Hop. Otherwise I’ll end up writing small-town country romances forever.

I always have a private pinterest board while I’m writing that helps set the tone of the story. It allows me to get a deeper understanding of the characters and where we’re going. I’m a plotter by nature but a pantser at heart. Pinterest helps me plot my random ideas.

Pages long spicy scenes. As a reader, I need pages of spice. Not three paragraphs or a fade-to-black scene. This means my books are loaded with extra spicy, and sometimes tension-filled, steamy moments.

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