featuring Avery and Xavier from the Off Balance series

I swore I’d never allow Xavier to consume me again.

The past keeps me awake at night, tossing and turning with regret from the lie Xavier ate so easily.

I wish I could take it back.

The truth had been too hard for him to bear, so I took the fault.

Some days, I wish I hadn’t.

Xavier is toxic and unapologetic. He hurts me with his words, and I torment him with mine. We share an unforgivable history that haunts us when we’re thrust back into each other’s lives and forced to revisit it.

His sister needs a kidney.

I’m giving my best friend a life.

Her brother is taking mine.

You May Be Wondering….

commonly asked questions

Late winter 2024.

Yes. The original title was What’s Left of Us.

No. Love Me With Lies will be a complete standalone.

Yes. The story sort of revolves around Ria and Kova, but it’s from Avery and Xavier’s point of view. We go back in time to when Adrianna is two weeks away from giving birth.

Yes. Close to release day is when I expect to publish the audiobook.

Brother’s little sister, best friends older brother, forced proximity, age gap, forbidden, toxic, heavy angst, rekindled love, spice, miscarriage.