I’m a lover and a player,

a Hollywood socialite with a reputation I strive to live up to. But when I meet Brody, my soul ignites with an ombré of colors. The tortured artist is a dangerous addiction and the perfect companion to my party girl ways.

Then I meet River at an audition to play his co-star. He’s a slow burn that soothes my reckless heart. His reserve calls out to me as it teeters on the edge. And the connection and chemistry we find in front of the cameras continues off screen.

One asks me to be his for the night.

The other takes me.

Each man brings me to new heights and sparks an awareness deep inside of me. And now I want to make them both mine. There’s just one problem.

One has to remain a dirty little secret.

You May Be Wondering….

commonly asked questions

Paperback and ebook.

Not at the moment.


Yes! We Own Tonight is the follow up and standalone title to You’re Mine Tonight.

I hope to have it out by 2024.