There is no force more  powerful than

 a woman determined to rise. 

Falling in love with my coach was the biggest form of self-destruction.

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Off Balance series

Adrianna and Kova let caution fly for love despite the odds. Each lesson learned formed a new scar for them to bear. And now that her father knows their secret, the damage left behind is irreparable. They both must pay for their actions.

Torn apart, Adrianna is forced to face the last challenge of her gymnastics career alone. While Kova, the beautifully anguished man who has been at Adrianna’s mercy giving her everything she’s demanded, has no choice but to walk away.

How far are you willing to go to get what you want?

This series is ANGSTY



I’m a lover and a player, a Hollywood socialite with a reputation I strive to live up to. But when I meet Brody, my soul ignites with an ombré of colors. The tortured artist is a dangerous addiction, and the perfect companion to my party girl ways. Then I meet River at an audition to […]

a spicy short story

What are besties for?

I knew the rules.

Never reveal my true identity.
Play the game, give the illusion.
Never let yourself get too close.


The dark and glamorous lifestyle of the rich and shameless open my eyes to a lavish world of sin and wealth, and a man I can’t have.

A man I  desperately want —


James Riviera.

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Small Town Romance

“He was going to make her fall in love with him. The soul searing kind of love where there’s no turning back. The kind of love that is felt deep inside the bone. Forever.”


✓ Friends to Lovers
✓ Second Chance
✓ Standalone
✓ Angsty and Emotional
✓ Coming of Age

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