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2 reviews for Twist (Off Balance 4)

  1. irresistablereads

    The devastating continuation of the forbidden romance between two people who could not be more perfect for one another.

    “I can only love him in the dark.”

    If you survived Release, be warned… Twist will destroy your heart, revive it, then destroy it again and again, keep you holding your breath until you feel like it’ll kill you if you continue reading and kill you if you don’t.

    Twist picks up a few weeks after the end of Release. In this installment of the story Adrianna is fighting war on two fronts – one with her body and health, the other one with her heart, that longs for a man she can never have and who’s hurt her tremendously.

    “Please, don’t hurt me anymore.”

    But Kova’s not ready to give up on her so easily, and fights for her and with her on every step. Especially when external forces threaten to force them apart. One thing is for sure – nothing will ever be the same.

    “Kiss me, Ria, please,” he begged, his voice completely shattered this time. “I need you to kiss me so I know you do not hate me. So I know you still love me as much as I love you.”

    Utterly addictive and unpredictable. Lucia’s writing will keep you wanting more and more. Twist is one of the most anticipated reads of 2019 for me, a total must-read!

  2. Cheryl

    I’ve spent the past two days reading 3 books the last one being released. I would love to read twist it’s taking me an hour to get to this point and now I don’t know where to get twist on my tablet

    Please help

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