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Tell Me What You Want – Deleted Scene


I have a deleted scene for you from Tell Me What You Want! And I extended it just a tad 😀

Below is the original chapter five, which was heavily revised for the final story. My betas suggested I remove Ivy from the scene to focus more on the main couple and their connection. From their perspectives, it made sense, and I rewrote the chapter. I loved this scene’s spiciness between Reed, Vanessa, and Ivy, but Tell Me What You Want isn’t about a trio. It was spice for the sake of spice when I didn’t really need more smexy to add to the story.

Let me know at the bottom in the comment section which you liked more. I’m curious! Do you feel the final chapter was the right fit, or would you have preferred this one? There’s no wrong answer! I love them both.

Happy reading!

p.s. This scene is extremely spicy and probably shouldn’t be read in public.

Please note: This chapter is unedited and may contain errors.

Chapter 5


Why the hell can’t Noah know she’s here? 

I’m confused, and until Vanessa gets back in here, there’s no use questioning myself ten different ways.

I place both hands on the kitchen island and hang my head between my shoulders. Exhaling a deep breath, I close my eyes and vividly recall that sinful night with Vanessa and Ivy. Shame burns in the middle of my chest despite the bolt of lust spreading through me. After everything he’s done for me, Noah could never find out about it. 

I stifle a groan. Vanessa was a flirt. I bet she still is.

We never should have kissed. And I never should have let her touch my cock. I shouldn’t know what it feels like to have Vanessa and her best friend come on each of my thighs. I shouldn’t have watched them kiss, their tongues visibly stroking the others. Most would argue that I should have been firmer since I’m older. I tried to do the right thing, but Vanessa moved purposefully like seduction was a contest and I was her prize. She made my dick rock hard sitting in my lap that it felt too good to stop. And deep down, I liked how wrong it was. She wanted to turn me on, for me to find her sexually appealing. And I did.

Pushing off the table, I press my palm against my straining cock and clench my eyes shut. This isn’t good for the orgasm I’ve dreamed of since I was released.

It happened late one night. I was throwing back some beers with Noah while he was cooking tacos for dinner. He asked me to see if Vanessa and Ivy wanted queso on the side. I did a double knock on her door before turning the knob. I entered Vanessa’s bedroom and found her and Ivy kissing under the blankets. Shock rocked me at the sight of them. It was the last thing I expected to see. I didn’t know what to do but stand there. They pulled apart immediately, but neither one of them looked guilty. I just asked about queso and then left. I don’t think I even blinked. I knew the teenagers were trouble but I didn’t think they were experimenting on each other. I never told Noah what I saw. But that gave Vanessa the green light to find me later that evening.

We thought they were sleeping when Noah left to grab a new liquor bottle. We were drunk but wanted to finish the evening with a nightcap. That’s when Vanessa found me sitting on the couch in the basement watching a football game. She wore a long t-shirt down to her knees and climbed onto my lap to straddle my hips before I could stop her. Her shirt bunched up, and my hands immediately gripped her waist when I got a whiff of the tequila on her breath. She giggled, thrusting her chest against mine. I tried to rear back but didn’t have anywhere to go. 

“Get off, Princess. Go back to bed now and I won’t tell Noah you’ve been drinking.”

I could smell the scent of alcohol on her lips. She doesn’t mean to behave this way.

“You won’t tell him anyway,” she said, testing me.

My hands lazily skimmed and settled on her hips. “You know you wouldn’t be down here like this if Noah were here.” 

“It’s a good thing we’re all alone,” she said, flirtation peaking in her tone. “Did you tell Noah what you saw earlier? Me and Ivy were practicing when you walked in.”

My gaze dropped to her plump and full mouth that was too seductive for a girl her age. I’d known Vanessa long enough to watch her blossom through puberty. This was a side to her I wasn’t aware existed. My gaze traveled down to her chest, and her nipples brushed against the material of her shirt. I swallowed thickly, trying to suck back the pleasure throbbing in my cock. 

“No, I didn’t. I wasn’t planning on it.”

“Don’t you want to know what we’re practicing?”

“Not my business,” I replied. The less I knew about Vanessa’s sexual deviances, the better. How she threw herself at me made it difficult to remain appropriate. I tap the side of her thigh. “You have to go back to your room.”

She ignored me.

“We were practicing how to kiss a boy. Do you want to kiss me to make sure I’m doing it right?” she whispered. “Then I’ll tell Ivy and show her.”

My fingers dug into her flesh. I ground the back of my molars as blood rushed to my cock. “Jesus, Vanessa. You can’t say shit like that to me.”

“It was Ivy’s idea,” she said, then quickly tugged up and tossed her shirt to the ground before I could stop her. “I told her to come out here with me.”

“What the hell are you doing?”

My eyes widened at the sight of her naked body. I scrambled to get her off me, but she wrestled with me. She grabbed my wrists, and her lithe body twisted on me. I’d caught little glimpses of Vanessa’s body in a skimpy bikini, the kind with her ass hanging out and two tiny squares for a top, but I’d never seen her actual breasts until now. They were perky and pink, with a large areola. I wanted to wrap my lips around her nipple and suck her whole tit into my mouth. My gaze dropped to her spread thighs, and I drooled from seeing the single landing strip of hair that led to her inviting cunt. 

“Ivy shaved it for me,” she whispered, then shifted her hips just enough to sit her pussy on the bulge of my cock. She let out a little moan, and my dick jerked painfully against my zipper. 

“Fuck. Noah is going to murder me.” 

“He doesn’t have to know,” she said quickly.

I clenched my eyes, knowing this was wrong and I was supposed to run far away from her. The only thing that separated us was the material of my pants. My cock is straining now. The liquor isn’t helping the need clawing inside me. I watched as the lips of her cunt spread around the material of my sweatpants. My hips moved on their own accord, wanting to feel more of her. The desire rushed through my veins before I could stop it from happening.

“Fuck,” I blurted out and fisted my hands. “You’re gorgeous, but,” I warned, “this has to stop now. Put your shirt back on.”

“I don’t think you want me to put it back on,” she retorted. “I’ve seen the way you look at me.”

She wasn’t wrong. I tried not to look at her like I shouldn’t, but Vanessa ensured her shorts left nothing to the imagination. They were the boy-short kind and a second skin. All her friends wore them. When she bent over, I could see the outline of her pussy. She’d lean over in a way that lifted her ass in the air, searching for attention. 

“Put your clothes back on and go kiss Ivy.”


“Noah is going to be back any minute.” 

And I needed to jack off now.

Vanessa grabbed my wrist and placed my palm on her breast. I stupidly cup her perky tit instead of pulling away. Our eyes met before I swiped my thumb over the nub. I gave it a little pinch, and Vanessa arched her back, her hips grinding deeper into my lap. Her mouth fell open with a soft sigh as she glided over the rigid angle of my cock. Vanessa was going to leave a stain on me, and I sort of hoped she did. Her fingernails dug into my skin as she slowly rocked into me. She was getting off on rubbing her clit against my cock.

“This is enough,” I choked out. “Get off me, Vanessa. I’m not into you like that. You’re Noah’s little sister, for fucking sake. You’re probably drunk.”

She leaned close and said, “No one has to know what we do. I won’t even tell Ivy.” I shake my head. “But your dick is hard. I turn you on.” 

“What is it that you want?” I asked.

A mischievous look appeared in her eyes. I regretted the question before I could hear her answer.

“I haven’t seen a real one yet, only when me and Ivy watch pornos.”

My brows shot up. “You guys watch those?” she nodded excitedly. “Together?” She nodded again. Fuck, when I watched porn, I was horny as shit and needed to bust a load however I could. Vanessa watched it with her best friend, which made my thoughts run wild at what they did when the lights turned out.

“If you’re curious if we touch each other, the answer is yes.” She smirked. “I know what her pussy feels like rubbing against mine, how hard she squeezes my thigh when she comes.” She leans in close. “She likes to bite.”

“God damn, Nessa,” I panted, my cock throbbing painfully at the image in my mind.

“I like that you called me Nessa. It’s better than Princess. You’ve never called me that before.”

“It came out by accident,” I replied truthfully. I was a little drunk, too.

“I want to see one – a dick,” she leaned in close and said quietly, “and I want to know what it feels like in my mouth. I already—”

I stopped her. 

I had to.

I gripped Vanessa’s upper arms and stilled her. I knew what she would say and didn’t want to hear it spill from her dirty little mouth. I pictured her and Ivy limb-locked together, naked in her bed until the sun rose. I had no idea they were doing this sort of thing behind closed doors, and I bet Noah didn’t either.

“No guy has ever given me an orgasm, just Ivy. I want to see if it feels any different.”

A possessive and territorial rage washed over me. I wanted Vanessa’s first orgasm to be mine. I knew what she was suggesting. My depraved side wanted to be the one who gave it to her. 

“None of your boyfriends ever give you one?”


“Not even with his mouth?” I found myself asking.

“I’ve never let a guy do that before,” she replied. “He only used his fingers. Ivy is better at it.”

“When you give your pussy away, if he doesn’t make you come, he doesn’t deserve it again.”

Vanessa nodded like I was giving instructions. I opened my mouth to tell her to get off me one last time, but she silenced me with a kiss that stole all my senses. Her tongue thrust past my lips, and the back of my head slammed against the couch. A surge of desire awakened every nerve ending I had. Lust rushed straight to the top of my cock, and I kissed her back, knowing damn well it was wrong. 

Screw it.

My balls tightened, and my pulse quickened. My hands greedily roamed her naked body. I cupped her butt cheeks and gave them a bounce. Her skin was smooth and supple. She was small and petite, and I liked how she fit in my arms. Vanessa deepened the kiss and lifted her hips to grant me access. Her tongue twisted around mine and stroked every inch of my mouth. I gripped the back of her neck and applied pressure to still her. I felt the bud of an orgasm build in my balls. I questioned how dire the repercussions would be when she was the one trying to seduce me.

My fingers searched for her sweet spot. I ran the pad of my finger down her landing strip and over her clit where I was met with a very drenched, soaking wet pussy. Her hips bucked into my hand, and she rubbed herself on me. I moaned into her mouth and explored her cunt with my fingers. I teased her entrance, then circled back up to her exposed clit. She shook in my arms, and I relished the ability to make her feel pleasure. 

“More,” she demanded against my mouth.

I was so fucked.

I pulled my hand away from her addicting pussy. She watched when I brought them to my mouth and licked them clean. I tasted her sweet desire and craved more. I placed my fingers at her mouth and pushed them past her lips.

“Get them real wet, Nessa.” Calling her Nessa felt like a secret between us. I spit on my other hand and rubbed it between my fingers. “Your pussy is mine. You’re never going to forget that. I’m about to make you see stars when you come.”

Slowly, I pushed the tip of my finger into her pussy. She was tight, but that didn’t stop Vanessa from sinking to my knuckles. She fell against my chest, and I held my breath. The walls of her cunt were pillow soft and squeezed my fingers. I slipped it in far enough to find her g spot and rub her clit simultaneously. Vanessa’s thighs tightened around my waist.

“That’s it, Princess,” I whispered against her mouth. “Use me to make yourself feel good.” 

I pulled one of her nipples into my mouth and sucked, tugging on the bud. I flicked it back and forth with my tongue. She cried out with a sigh that motivated me to make her orgasm. I should have been worried about Noah walking in, but I wasn’t.

Her mouth landed across mine. My wrist curled into her pussy, and I used the heel of my palm to massage her clit. She bucked in pleasure. I wasn’t sure how much longer I could last without orgasming myself. 

My cock would never fit inside her. I’d rip her in two.

I reached around with the hand I spat in and pressed a wet digit to her ass. Vanessa tensed around my two fingers.

“Don’t fight it,” I whispered. “Come on me, Nessa. Give me your orgasm. I want it.”

I didn’t breach the entrances completely, but I teased her in both holes. It did the trick because Vanessa’s orgasm whipped through her so violently that she yelled out. I was afraid Ivy would hear that I had to silence her with my mouth. Vanessa kissed me back. Her breasts pushed into my chest, and her arms nearly strangled me as she let go and allowed euphoria to consume her. She rocked her sticky clit into my hand and mumbled against my mouth, begging me not to stop. I didn’t, and because of that, I was blissfully unaware that Ivy was walking toward us.

I wasn’t too surprised by her presence after Vanessa told me what she and Ivy did when the lights were off. But I was worried if I could trust her or not to keep a secret. 

“We have an audience,” I whispered.

Vanessa turned around to see Ivy. A devilish smile curved her mouth. She wore a shirt like Vanessa’s that also sat mid-thigh, and if I had to guess, she wasn’t wearing panties either. Ivy stopped before us just as Vanessa was coming down from her orgasm. Her gaze lingered on her friend’s nipples before looking at me like she was asking for ice cream.

“Touch her,” Vanessa said.

Vanessa took my wrist and guided me toward her friend. I reached out with two fingers and slipped them under Ivy’s shirt, using the same hand I touched Vanessa with. She spread her legs and I delved between her pussy. She squeezed my fingers with her thighs and her lips parted. Shit. She was as wet as Vanessa. 

“Look at you two with your wet needy cunts.”

We only had so much time until Noah got home that I decided I would fill the degenerate part of me with them. My finger prodded Ivy’s entrance, and her jaw slackened. She was dripping down her inner thigh. I drew in a deep a lungful of air. I was high on power. I could make these girls do anything I wanted with the touch of a finger. 

Vanessa licked her lips and then slid over to one thigh. She straddled my leg and rocked gently. I removed my hand from Ivy’s pussy and brought my fingers to Vanessa’s lips, waiting to see if she was as devious as she claimed.

And she was. She sucked her friend’s pleasure right from my fingers. “I didn’t know you were such bad girls.”

“You have no idea,” Vanessa said.

“I want what you gave her,” Ivy said, faux pouting like she missed out.

“Oh, Ivy, it was so good,” Vanessa said, her voice dreamy. “The best.”

I ushered Ivy to my thigh like a good girl. She climbed over and didn’t hesitate to take advantage of masturbating on my leg. My cock stood tall under the tent of material between the girls while they rode me. My dick was ready to shoot off. Vanessa looked at her best friend as their thighs touched. Her eyes were glossy and heavy.

“How can you promise this doesn’t get back to Noah?” I asked both, my voice hoarse. 

Ivy leaned toward Vanessa, and their tongues began to tangle together. I watched in fascination as they fell into a tight and hot lip-lock. Lust filled my cock. I was so close to asking one of them to stroke me. I was sure they’d say yes. 

When I thought it couldn’t get any hotter, Vanessa blindly reached out and guided me to the middle of their kiss. The last time I hooked up with two women was about a year ago in the woods after Noah and I went to a concert. My threesome turned into a fivesome when Noah showed up with his date.

I wrapped my arms around both girls, and our tongues all touched. The kiss was wet and wrong and so fucking erotic. I was sure precum was slipping down my shaft from it. Sloppy, wet sounds fill the room. Our heads bumped into each other’s, but that didn’t stop us. There was a damp spot on both of my legs where the girls rode me. If Noah asked me about it, I would tell him I spilled my drink.

The sound of our breaths and the smell of sin surrounded us. I captured Vanessa’s lips in a deep kiss before turning to take Ivy’s with the same vigor. My mouth opened, and my tongue met theirs at the same time. Their speeds increased, the humps coming in faster. I could tell they were close to orgasm.

“I want to see you both come on me,” I said. “Kiss each other.”

I loved how they listened. I pressed a finger into the slit of their ass cheeks and kneaded them, secretly wishing I could fuck them both right now. I rocked against them, giving the friction I knew they needed to orgasm. Vanessa slipped her hands under Ivy’s shirt, and I was instantly jealous that I couldn’t see.

“Take it off,” I tell Vanessa. “Take Ivy’s shirt off.” And she did. Vanessa fondled Ivy, her friend’s nipples just as pink. I glanced back and forth between their breasts and noticed how pert they were. I hauled them closer to my hips so they would feel my raging cock and guided Ivy’s hand to my dick. I needed them to touch it. To stroke it. To suck it.

“Touch me,” I demanded and widened my thighs.

Ivy did one better. She stuck her hand inside the elastic of my pants, palmed my cock, and dragged it out. Cool air kissed the tip, and I drew in an audible breath. My heart was thumping wildly against my ribs. They both broke the kiss and looked down between us.

If we went any further, it would take this moment to the next level.

My heartbeat was loud pounding in my ears. It was all I could hear. The pleasure overriding all my common sense was about to tear through my skin. I had to be careful. And we needed to be quick because I felt Noah would be back any minute. I was sweating at the thought of him walking in.

“Just touch,” I gritted between my teeth.

To my surprise, both wrapped a hand around my cock and twisted around the length. My head fell back, and I exhaled the first real groan since this started. I closed my eyes and indulged in pleasure. Their hands were magic, and it was a matter of seconds before an orgasm formed in my sack. I gritted my jaws together and pushed it down. Since when couldn’t I hold my nut?

The girls reached for my waistband at the same time and tugged down my pants. I was too drunk on my desire to ask questions and lifted my hips. They rose off my legs simultaneously and slid my pants past my knees. I sat back down. My cock sprung free, and my balls hung heavy between my legs. 

Teamwork makes the dream work. 

“No sex,” I stated. “Do you agree?” They nodded. If they hadn’t, I wouldn’t have proceeded. 

Because I know I wouldn’t have been able to stop myself if they hadn’t said no to sex.

I wanted to feel the warmth of their skin pressed to mine, to feel them writhe on me while they orgasmed. This would probably be the only time this happened, so I wanted to take advantage of it.

I hauled them to me, then leaned to the side and shifted our bodies to lie across the length of the couch. Ivy tossed a pillow to the side, and I widened my hips. They sat up and straddled a leg each, their pussies smushed into my bare thigh. There was a unified groan between us. They were both so wet that my cock stood erect at the warm slippery mess they created. The man in me loved it.

I grabbed one breast each, pinching and twisting their nipples as they began jacking me off. One of them used the precum that kept slowly slipping out my tip.

“Ride me, and do it quickly,” I demanded.

I watched Vanessa and Ivy give me the lap dance of my life. The way they moved on me told me they probably had hot chemistry under the blanket together. I let go and searched for their clits. One moaned, and the other bucked while they continued to kiss. Time was of the essence, so I stroked them together, giving them my fingers to use. I tried in vain to keep my orgasm down, not realizing that I had increased the speed. 

“Come on me,” I whispered. “Give me your pussy.”

The kiss broke, and the girls fell onto my chest. I cupped their pussies and curled my fingers as they masturbated on me. I couldn’t believe this was happening. This was like a wet dream come true. But how were they on board with this naughty act if they hadn’t already discussed it?

I teased their entrances while they whimpered and moaned. They hiked a leg over my hips, then licked and kissed my neck. Shit. They were going to give me hicky’s. I leaned in to give a long, languid kiss to both girls. My cock was so close to their pussies that the thought alone caused a spurt of cum to shoot out. One of their fingers swiped the hidden erotic space under my sack on purpose, then cupped my balls and caressed them. I couldn’t see who was doing what, which intensified the pleasure. They were slipping and sliding from wetness. Hips jerked, panting deepened, and they played with my cock faster and harder that I knew they were about to come. Our legs were entwined, restless from gratification.

“Fuck,” I said, drawing out the word. My hips surged into their hands. “Fuck. Give it to me. I know you’re there,” I said, then shoved two fingers into each of their pussies. 

There was a collective inhale before they rode my thighs and dragged their clits while finger fucking my hand. They orgasmed so hard that they were gasping for air. Nails dug into my skin, and I indulged in every bit of debauchery. Even as they came down from their high, I continued to caress their puffy and swollen pussies.

“Oh, shit,” Ivy whispered.

“Yeah,” Vanessa said.

They kissed my neck, almost as if it was a thank you.

Was this real?

“Can we suck your dick,” Ivy asked against my neck.

“Together,” Vanessa added, her breath hot. I hissed, and my cock jerked. I bit my lip and fisted the hair at the back of their heads, signaling them to be still. 

“No, you can’t,” I told them. “Did you plan this or something?” I asked.

They looked at each other, amusement heavy in their eyes. Their gazes held my answer. “We may have fantasized about it,” Vanessa said. “You’re pretty hot.”

“And made a plan to tag team you,” Ivy added. “We saw it happen in a porno.”

I was doomed from the start. I didn’t stand a chance.

Ivy pouted. Vanessa said, “We’ve never tried it before.”

I shook my head. Despite the raging erection between my legs and the hunger for their lips around my cock, getting a blow job from Vanessa and Ivy was out of the question. 

“You can tell us what to do,” Ivy said.

Shaking my head, I closed my eyes and pushed down the ecstasy coursing through my blood. A pair of hands skimmed toward my pelvis and wrapped around my cock. Another cupped my balls. I didn’t know who did what, and I didn’t care. My knees pulled up and my stomach tightened. A surge rushed through me, and a loud huff expelled from my lungs as they slid down my body. I fisted the hair at the back of their heads and slowed them. Vanessa looked up and our eyes locked. I let go of her hair.

My breath hitched in my throat. Vanessa’s eyes twinkled with trouble, and it lured me in. She was the one holding my cock. The tip was a reddish-purple, and the veins down the sides protruded. They pulsed from the power it took to not orgasm. I planned to jack off in the bathroom before Noah got back. It wouldn’t take long to come at this point. I was already teetering on the edge.

I watched in fascination as Vanessa lifted herself on her elbows and opened her mouth. Her tongue curved down her chin. My jaw dropped when she leaned forward and took the tip into her precious mouth.

“Nessa,” I whispered. “You can’t.”

I reached out to stop her, but Ivy was faster and guided her head down. Her tongue touched my cock, and I drew in a sharp breath, falling back onto the couch. White hot pleasure shot from my toes to the top of my head. My legs widened and I sank into the cushion, groaning deeply. Damn, I wasn’t going to stop now.

“Fuck, Nessa.” I paused. “Fuck.”

Ivy rubbed my balls, and she was good at it. She used her fingers to stroke the hidden place behind my sack. I shuddered from the torment the two friends were unleashing on my body. 

She bobbed up and down, but it was empty like my cock was in a balloon. It made me wonder briefly if she was being honest earlier. I thought she’d been lying to get her way.

I said, “Wrap your tongue around my cock and keep it there.” She did, and I moaned from the wet warmth. I was going to hell for this. “Now hallow your cheeks out and suck as tight as… like a suction cup.” My body instantly relaxed as she listened to my instructions and sucked my cock how I liked it. “Good girl. You’re doing so good,” I drew out slowly, my voice rough and raspy.

I was brimming with pleasure that it wouldn’t be long until I orgasmed. I took satisfaction in her mouth and pumped my hips into her face. I didn’t go rough or fuck her face hard. I was what I’d considered average pace. If this was her first time, I didn’t want to make her hate it.

“I want to try,” Ivy said, and I swallowed thickly.

Getting head wasn’t against the law where we lived, but it was against my friendship with Noah. 

It was one thing to have oral sex with my best friend’s little sister.

It was another thing to do with the little sister’s best friend too.

Before I could protest, Vanessa sat up, and Ivy took my wet cock into her mouth. I squeezed my eyes shut and exhaled. She must’ve listened to my instructions because she was sucking the way I told Vanessa to. She took my cock like a champ. The orgasm was close, and I was at their mercy. If Noah walked in, I didn’t think I could move fast enough to cover myself up. 

I opened my eyes to see Vanessa watching Ivy. I reached out and ushered her toward me. She shuffled on her knees.

“Ivy, when I say move, take your mouth off my cock.” 

She nodded. I refused to come inside her mouth. I had to draw the line in the sand somewhere, right? 

“Get over here, Princess, and sit on my face.”

The door slams and I glance up. Heat fills my cheeks. Vanessa gives me a perplexed look from where she stands. “You okay?” she asks.

“Yeah, fine.” I nod my head and then excuse myself to the bathroom. 

I feel like I just got caught red-handed.

Turning away, I press the heel of my hand against my cock and push it down. I’m rock hard from the visuals playing in my head and the events late that night.

Fucking memories. I can still taste Vanessa’s sweetness on my tongue.

I wonder if she ever thinks about it.

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