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Soooo… I am the most forgetful person on the planet. It’s really bad. I forget everything. It’s not that I don’t care to remember, I do, I just… forget things, I guess. It’s to the point where my friends wants to strangle me 98% of the time. I will ask them the same question constantly because I don’t remember asking the first 87 times.

A friend recently told me that I need to get my head examined after she messaged me about a book I told her I was going to write… Only I had NO IDEA what she was talking about when she reminded me of it. Literally, no idea. She tried to refresh my memory for nearly an hour one afternoon, but nothing was registering. I thought she was going to jump through the computer and punch me. It took some time, but I sifted through my messages and found it. I totally said I would write this specific book! I forgot how excited I was about it, too!

Now, ask me if I wrote down this story idea so I wouldn’t forget for a second time.


Thing is, I always say I’m going to write stuff down, yet I always forget that I planned to. I even go as far as carrying a notebook around that my editor, Nadine, sent me for Christmas for story ideas. Have I ever used it? Just once.

So, a couple of days ago, an author friend messaged me asking when I will have the chapters of Balance ready for her…


I didn’t have a clue what she was talking about. No a damn clue. No only did I feel like a complete idiot, I felt bad! Her name is Leddy Harper, and she writes some angsty books. I love her writing and the emotional tug on my heart that she is so good at. Not many can make me feel what she does. Leddy has a book coming out called BEAUTIFUL BOY. And guess what? I told her I would put BALANCE in the back of her book! I couldn’t believe I forgot I said yes when she asked me, but I did.

I know, I’m an idiot. You don’t have to tell me.

On April 28th when BEAUTIFUL BOY releases, not only does a character from BALANCE make an appearance in her novel, the first two chapters will be on the back of her book! How cool is that! It’s the only place where you’ll get to see a preview of BALANCE this big until it releases this summer. I suggest you pre-order it now so you don’t forget. And if you haven’t heard of the book yet, well, here you go…



One introverted girl.
One extroverted guy.
One assignment.
One afternoon.
Then everything changed…

“You destroyed me.”

Novah wanted nothing more than to walk away, never see him again. She was determined to pick up the pieces of her tarnished reputation and move on. Her torture became her muse, earning her well-deserved notoriety for capturing beauty with her lens. She had come full circle. She had it all…until he returned.

Nolan found himself surrounded by the grim facets of life, no longer the prominent boy from an affluent family who’d caught Novah’s eye. The years had been unkind and left him in the dark, painful trenches of life. He needed her help.

Fifteen years can equate to a lifetime of change, neither one the same person they once were. Despite the humiliation, the latent wounds, the missing years…they’re destined to heal one another in unexpected ways.

“You saved me.”


If you guys haven’t checked her books out yet, you seriously need to. It’s not often that I go fan girl crazy on an author, but I totally did on Leddy. Since then, we’ve been friends ever since.

Not that she has a choice. She has to be my friend. She’s an emotional sadist, like me. Which means we get along famously.😉

BEAUTIFUL BOY is fantastic! I highly suggest reading it. There’s something sexy about a photographer and a second chance romance story that just calls out to me. And if you want to see the beginning of BALANCE, this is your chance!❤ Jump on the train now, you’re in for a wild ride!

Until next time…



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