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EXECUTION Snippet + Sale!

Happy Valentine’s Day! 

I can’t explain why, it’s not like I have any sweet or wild traditions or anything, but (Halloween) and Valentine’s Day are my absolute favorite holidays. I find these days so exciting. Since I love today so much, I have a few goodies in store for you! A snippet, a sale, and a love letter! Woohoo!

The past few years I’ve written love notes for characters from my books. Since I’m working so hard on finishing the first draft of EXECUTION, I decided that I’d have to skip writing a love letter this year. To make up for that, I’ve put BALANCE on sale for one day only for $.99! Make sure you tell your friends-or gift your significant other a copy! <3


Now, let’s get to the fun stuff! If you’ve read BALANCE, and read the letter closely below, then you should recognize it. When I shared the letter last year on True Story Book Blog, the response was overwhelming. I was completely caught off guard by the feedback. Right then I knew I had to tweak it to fit into the story… So I did! Here is the original love letter from Kova to Adrianna posted last year…


My Dearest Adrianna,

This Valentine’s Day I find myself thinking of you more so than ever, knowing full well that it is beyond immoral.

Most days I am not sure what to do with myself. I am sick, angry, and most of all guilt ridden for wanting you in ways that I should not. I hate myself for it. I am disgusted by it, and I know that it is wrong on so many levels. There should not be a fire that simmers within me every time my fingers grip your body in an effort to train you. Appalled over my thoughts does not even scratch the surface.

I have tried desperately to stay busy, to not look in your direction when you are working with another coach, but I have failed miserably. You are ways there – on my mind, in my view.

But the worst part of all? Some days I do not give a shit that it is wrong. Some days I allow my thoughts to wander off and pretend that you are really not underage. Because I have seen the way you look at me. I know deep down you want me just as badly as I want you. My body comes to life with a craving so unfathomable at the wishful thought of your innocent tongue caressing my skin, your timid hands roaming my body. You have created a profound ache that I cannot seem to sate. Your iridescent, green eyes captivate me. Your drive to never give up, no matter how much I push you down, inspires me. You thrill me. You make me want so much, to take a chance and see what happens.

It would be the sweetest sin to have even just one kiss. But one kiss would lead to another, and another, and then my hands will roam your perfect, youthful body…

And I am afraid I will not be able to stop myself. I want to feel your lips pressed to mine, your naked flesh on me. Our heat infused sex saturating the air as I take your tight body. This does not even touch on the things I feel-and want-to do to you all the while knowing that it is so wrong. Morally wrong. Improper. Not to mention, forbiddingly against the rules…and law.

Jesus Christ… You mess with my head, and I cannot think straight whenever you are near. You, my sweet Adrianna, are pure temptation. I know I should not want you. I should not even be thinking of you in this capacity, but I seem to have no self-control when it comes to you.

Oh, but the repercussions would be so worth it. I would even let you set the pace… At first.

See what I mean, my sweetness? I am all over the place, I cannot think straight. And if I do not release this need pulsing inside me, who knows what will happen.

I hate that I think of you in this way, that you do this to me. It is not ethical. I am a man who can only take so much.

I wish I could give you this letter so you could see the inner turmoil that I am harassed with on a daily basis, but I cannot take the chance. I could lose everything if someone found out.

For now, Katja will have to do… But I am not sure how long I can suppress this need I have for you.


Yeah, I’m pretty proud of that letter seeing as I wrote it with less than half the book finished and unsure of so much at the time. I basically winged it and it ended up fitting the story perfectly. lol

And finally, the best part of all, an excerpt from my upcoming novel, EXECUTION! This is the first time I’m sharing such a large portion from it so I’m a little nervous! I hope you love it! It’s angsty, emotional, and sexy- perfect for Valentine’s Day!



Copyright 2017 Lucia Franco

*subject to change*


“Please,” came out in a strangled voice. “Do not touch me.”

My chest tightened as I purposely ignored Kova. Going against his request, I placed a hand on the curve of his jaw and neck. My fingertips threaded the fine hairs and my palm curved around the side of his jaw in a passionate swoop more than I intended to. He trembled below me.

“Take your hands off me.”

The rough sound of his voice woke the devil on my shoulder. A fire stirred inside of me. Gone from my body was the horrible shivering I was dealing with, and in its place, a burning need. The temperature between us rose as I continued to play with his hair while he kneeled before me, almost pleading with me to keep my hands to myself.

“I said, take your hands off me.”

Of course, I didn’t obey. I wanted him to make a move. To snap.

And I didn’t.

My other hand began mimicking the motion, caressing him.  Kova leaned into my palm with tight eyes. “Ria… You know I like when you fight me. So please, stop. You are testing my self-control. Just, stop.”

My heart pounded viciously against my ribs. I secretly loved pushing his buttons for the sole purpose of his reaction and how passionate he became. An animal with one motive— To tackle and devour.

God. What the hell was wrong with me to provoke a man of Kova’s stature? And even worse, to want this?

I was disgusting.

Kova lifted his head, and just when I thought he was going to look up at me, he pressed his forehead to my stomach and clenched his eyes shut. He blew out a hot, tortured breath against my skin. His hands trembled and his fingers pressed deeper into me as my coach held on for death life around my hips.

“Why must you make it so hard to be faithful.” His lips were ridiculously close to my naval.

“I don’t do it on purpose,” I confessed quietly. “I hate myself for wanting you.”

“The feeling is entirely mutual.”

I should’ve been hurt by his response, but the truth was, I wasn’t. I understood where he was coming from. An energy between two people so powerful it couldn’t be contained no matter how much they tried. No matter how wrong, how illicit, how morally sinful it went against everything. Some things were meant to be without reason.

Kova angled his jaw forward and pressed his lips to my stomach. I gasped and tried to steady my breathing but it wasn’t easy when I couldn’t predict what would happen next. With his mouth to my belly as if he was afraid to move, Kova wrapped his arms around my narrow waist and held me tight. He drew in a languish breath and raised his lips to my belly button, pressing another gentle kiss. Then another, and another, and another, until he was at the center of my chest between my small, naked breasts.

Kova looked up.

I held my breath.

He held his.

I stared into his troubled eyes. He was in agony, on the cusp of doing wrong and I knew by the look his gaze held that he didn’t want to.

But I did.


There you go! I hope you enjoyed the snippet from EXECUTION! Make sure you tell your friends that BALANCE is on SALE for one day only on Amazon! <3

Happy Valentine’s Day!



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